Buy text-links for your website

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(Disclaimer: this information is free, the links aren't.)

If you are looking to buy text links, there are many companies that can help you. These companies generally let you choose what kind of website you want to link from (make sure that it is in a similar style and has similar visitors) and what "strength" of link you wish (usually based on Google Pagerank).

Some companies sell unprotected, unmarked, unserialized text links. If you have the chance (and the change), you might also look into buying links in content itself, either in the form of a product review or as product placement. Some companies will help you with that. You could also consider buying links for traffic.

To get free text links, either use our sample generator or work the circuit yourself. Good content generates good links. Create some buzz around your site, get the visitors coming and make sure that they stay. Links, links, links!

NOTE: Link responsibly. The Link-Condom will not stop the spread of comment spam or prevent your website from getting nailed.

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